Bright Spot #11: The Stories That Matter with ARTIFCTS

What is ARTIFCTS? Why do stories about things matter? What do you want to share with your family after you're gone? Learn about this patented, unique way to save and share the stories that matter!

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No, that’s not a typo “ARTIFCTS” – it’s more than meets the eye! It’s an incredible platform for not only saving memories while decluttering but also connecting.

Join us for an incredible discussion around preserving, remembering, and connecting with “Stuff”. The Mavericks are sitting down with co-founder, Ellen Goodwin.

Founders Heather and Ellen grew up together at the CIA, sharing a common mission and gaining an appreciation for the value of information and security at work and at home. The pair went on to conquer the private sector, rising to executive positions while staying true to themselves and their families. In a year unlike any other, they teamed up to build something entirely new; to create a secure space to preserve and share not only personal history but world history, one Artifct at a time.

As co-founder and CEO, Heather Nickerson, states, “Following my mother’s death, I was frustrated because I had her stuff, but what I really wanted were her stories. The who, what, when, where, and why behind the objects. Why did she have a certain item? Where did it come from? When did she get it? Sadly, the objects could not tell her story. Only my mother could have done that, and she was no longer here. That was the genesis of Artifcts—an overwhelming desire to ensure that anyone anywhere would have a safe and secure way to pass down stories, not just things.”

Their vision is truly transforming the way we save, remember, and connect not only with the past but also the future.

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