Collab Circles

Because different-minded people representing the entire senior care spectrum allows us all to co-create powerful, lasting solutions for the industry. 

Think differently quote

Why Join?

There is only ONE reason to join us.

Because you have a drive to “be the change you wish to see” in the world of senior care.

Being a part of this group gives you an opportunity to hear all sides of the problem, to hear other’s perceptions, opinions, and ideas. And to create lasting solutions for all.

What do previous participants say?

Join your peers to create change for the way we age.

“Think differently. We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  ~Albert Einstein

single collab circle
$ 149 /qtr

per person

Participate in a quarterly Collab Circle that will create transformation in the senior care industry.

5 collab meetings (virtual) over the quarter

Co-create valuable industry changing content

Attribution, logo & website in published content

Ability to distribute resulting content

FB Live interview

Social media exposure throughout the quarter

Apply fee toward annual membership at any time

Be the change you want to see in senior care

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Annual membership
$ 449 /year

per person

Participate in all 4 quarterly Collab Circles, plus additional benefits only available in the Annual Membership.

Participation in all of the 4 quarterly Collab Circles with all the benefits of the Quarterly Membership

30% discount off Mavericks events

Logo on our website

Ability to offer special promotions to our audience

50% off Single or Annual memberships for additional staff members

Be the change you want to see in senior care

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What is a Collab Circle?

A diverse group of people representing every role in senior care who come together to laser-focus on one issue and create a solution. It is part brainstorming, part workshop, part personal and professional growth.


How often do you hold these?

The Mavericks Collab Circles are quarterly events. You can sign up for a single Collab Circle membership of 3-months, or you can 'buy three, get one free' with the Annual Membership. Annual Members also get special perks at our events and recognition on our website.


Why Join?

First, to use your experience, knowledge and passion to create change in the way we age (and we are all aging). Second, you will get exposure to the entire Mavericks audience through our social media, FB Live interviews, and your name/logo on the final product and rights to share with proper attributions. This content will reach over 350,000 people.


Do these really work?

Ask the folks from the previous Collab Circle! Join our Facebook Group and hear directly from the people who created the 14-Day Communication Guide eBook for Family and Staff.