About Us

We are out to transform the senior care industry. To modernize it. To de-stigmatize aging. To create high-performing cultures in long term care communities. To leverage technology when and where appropriate. And to push the boundaries on today’s status quo. All focused on improving quality of life as we age.

Mavericks of Senior Living was born out of several conversations where we found ourselves saying things like, “there has to be a better way” or “we can do better than this as an industry, can’t we?”

We decided that the best way to spark ingenuity and innovation was to start a nationwide conversation and challenge today’s status quo.

Our senior living industry is not designed for the future. But the future is coming. Fast.

Katherine Wells, CEO of Serenity App, Inc.

Katherine Wells

Chief Inspiration Maverick
Katherine is both inspired and inspiring when it comes to transforming the way we age. An entrepreneur, she launched Serenity to modernize communication and collaboration between care teams and family. When care teams and family work together, our seniors have reduced isolation and depression, and increased quality of life. After all, isn’t that the goal? Let’s enjoy our loved ones and appreciate the care teams who help. Connect with Katherine.

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Francis LeGasse

Francis LeGasse

Chief Curiosity Maverick
Francis is an innovator in the senior living industry. His ingenuity and curiosity allow him to see things differently and ask questions. Why? Is there a better way? How does this improve the way we age? Driven by personal experience, passion for our seniors, and a background in technology, Francis is dedicated to changing the way we provide care to our seniors. He is the President & CEO of Assured Assisted Living and Sevens Home Care. Connect with Francis.

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