The Unexpected Caregiver – Love, Compassion & Stress

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"I had no training, no medical background. I just loved my mom. So I spent the next 8 years being her caregiver."

The Mavericks sit down with Ms. Breeda Miller to talk about all caregiving. Ms. Miller was an accidental caregiver. She had no training, no medical background. She didn’t know what she didn’t know. Ms. MIller just knew she loved my mom and she couldn’t live on her own any longer. So she moved in with her family and for nearly 8 years we cared for her.

It was good, until it wasn’t.

Ms. Miller learned so much during those years, including hospice care in her home. Living in the Sandwich Generation taught her more about life than she could ever have imagined. Now Ms. Miller shares those life lessons with others who need help navigating this challenging time. Ms. Miller serves both family and professional caregivers through this website and my business website –


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