We are dedicated to fostering hope during difficult times. Our hearts go out to each and every single individual impacted by the COVID-19 occurrence. In these past weeks, so many influential senior care leaders have stepped up to encourage hope during this time. We are inspired by those Mavericks who are working tirelessly to ensure the needs and health of our older adults are still being properly met during these unprecedented circumstances.  

Here at Mavericks Headquarters, we are strictly following the CDC Guidelines. Our entire team is operating remotely as nothing is more important to us than protecting the health of our society as a whole. It is critical that at-risk populations are protected during this susceptible time, so we encourage everyone to stay in if at all possible. 

The Mavericks of Senior Living intend to utilize this universal shift as an opportunity to seek innovation and ingenuity in our current senior care models.  We encourage you to stay positive and get creative in the face of this challenge. More problems are solved through curiosity than worry. Humanity is resilient and we strongly believe this is an opportunity through this to collaborate for the betterment of all of our futures. 

We are actively interviewing industry leaders at the forefront of this issue. Visit our COVID-19 Series webpage to get the latest news about ways to mitigate the spread of this virus, the information we are learning, and the ways this experience is shaping meaningful change for our futures. 

In the midst of the current world circumstances, we aim to educate, empower, and inspire. 

Let’s join together and facilitate a Maverick Movement for change. 

Please be well,

Francis & Katherine

Francis & Katherine