Episode 30: Visiting Childhood Home Sparks Joy For Seniors Through Virtual Reality

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“I could no longer stand to know that there is a 30-50% increase in mortality rate due to social isolation without doing something about it. With Rendever, we connect people through the power of shared positive experiences.”

Kyle Rand, CEO of Rendever

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Neural engineer, co-founder and CEO of Rendever, Kyle Rand shares how he is transforming the way older adults experience aging. We spoke with Kyle at the Senior Living Transformation Summit 2020 by Kisaco Research, where forward-thinkers gathered and shared very real challenges, insights and experiences in disrupting the senior care market.

Watch or listen to:

  • Learn how the 30-50% increase in mortality rates stem from social isolation
  • Discover how virtual reality connects people socially and sparks memories and feelings of joy
  • Understand the easy logistics to create shared social experiences, including staff, with a huge library of experiences
  • Hear how people are using it including visiting the street of a childhood home, checking off bucket-list items together with their family, or creating life journey experiences
  • Hear why Kyle says his childhood Taekwondo Master, Master Kim, is a Maverick in his life

What ACTION do you want people to take after listening to this podcast?
“I’d like to see the senior care industry look at creating the quality of experience as much as they look at implementing quality of care.”

How are you CREATING HOPE for the way we age?
“A big part of living with dignity is understanding what the previous 80 years was like. We are creating hope by keeping resdient’s world expansive when they feel that everything else is getting smaller around them.”

“We were able to give people the immersive experience of the Patriots 2019 Superbowl parade through Rendever. Imagine the impact for our older adults who may not even be able to watch it on TV, but could now feel as if they were physically there.”

Kyle Rand, CEO of Rendever

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