Does The Sandwich Generation Come With A Pickle?

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One of the best ways to help older adults in your life is to be open and curious rather than problem-solve. Ask “how” and “what” questions. When you ask a “why” question, it tends to put people on the defensive.

Jill Eelkema, Founder | Private Case Manager | Aging Services Consultant, Western Care Partners

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Thanks to our guest, Jill Eelkema of Western Care Partners, for coming up with such a fun title for this Facebook Live Episode! And for sharing incredibly valuable information with family members wondering where to start when wanting to help older adults in their lives.

  • Some helpful ways to point a loved one towards assistance
  • Managing expectations – the gift of grace for yourself
  • What making decisions together looks like

We also discover that the sandwich generation has another layer and is now the double-decker sandwich generation! Jill shares why she sees Heidi Wagner as a Maverick in her life, and how she is creating hope for the way we age.


We’re all about challenging the status quo here at Maverick’s Headquarters! Welcome to the Challenging The Way We Age podcast by the Mavericks of Senior Living. We are two innovators and entrepreneurs who have huge hearts and passion for our older adults. And we see all kinds of opportunities to improve today’s system and create hope for the way we age. We tackle hard topics with the goal of creating conversation and generating curiosity and ingenuity to solve these problems.

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