How Montessori Concepts Aid Those With Dementia

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“My hope is that we all re-think how we think about aging adults, especially those living with dementia. In much the same way Montessori was instrumental in changing our view of young children, by inviting us to see them as capable beings, deserving of our respect; I invite us to do the same for our aging adults with memory loss and dementia.

Lisa Armao, Founder, Montessori Intergenerational Learning Communities

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The Mavericks talk with Lisa Armao, Founder, Montessori Intergenerational Learning Communities.

Montessori Intergenerational Learning Communities is a labor of love, bringing the Montessori method to aging adults with dementia. The goal of the Montessori program is to support people living with dementia by creating a prepared environment, filled with cues and memory supports resulting in the opportunity for “meaningful work” that enables individuals to care for themselves, others, and their community so that they may live as independently as possible.

Watch this episode to hear how:

  • Montessori takes “person centered care” to a new height
  • Home caregivers can help those with dementia gain more independence
  • Montessori philosophy can create a cultural shift in senior living communities

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