Putting yourself out there for others to judge is not easy.

And asking questions about whether we can do better makes some people uncomfortable.

I can understand that. And I believe we should always be asking how we can do better.

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As I reflect on the last half of 2019 with the launch of Mavericks of Senior Living, I am happily surprised by the responses we’ve been given. My co-host, Francis LeGasse, and I dove cannonballed into video podcasting without fear or even much initial planning. We did it because we were pulled to make a difference in this world.

We did it because we want to be involved in creating a better experience for all of our futures.

What we are doing is much bigger than us. We know this because we have amazing, powerful, inspired and courageous people who want to talk with us. They graciously share their visions and their stories with the world.

I am honored to be working alongside Francis LeGasse. He is brilliant, kind, generous, and a genuinely caring human being.

If you are pulled to make change in today’s senior care, whether because of your own personal experiences or because you simply know we can do better, please join the conversation. And we invite you to attend the Mavericks Transformation Summit Spring 2020.

Let me be clear – in no way do either of us believe the industry has done poorly until now.

It’s simply things have changed.

So let’s build on the bright spots! And let’s work together to create the future of how we age.

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