Episode 32: How We Can Make Aging Better, With Max Zamkow of Third Act Partners

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“We can be providing a much better service and experience in long-term care and that’s exciting! There’s a lot of room for growth and innovation for how we all live happier and healthier lives.”

Max Zamkow, Partner, Third Act Ventures

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Innovation enthusiast, Max Zamkow, Partner, Third Act Ventures shares how he is transforming the way older adults experience aging. We spoke with Max at the Senior Living Transformation Summit 2020 by Kisaco Research, where forward-thinkers gathered and shared very real challenges, insights and experiences in disrupting the senior care market.

Watch or listen to:

  • Learn how we understand what innovation senior living needs
  • Discover why innovation is a challenge in senior care
  • Understand how we create an atmosphere of innovation in senior care, and scale it
  • Hear why we’re seeing more age tech companies being founded, funded and even exiting
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What ACTION do you want people to take after listening to this podcast?
“I’d like to see more operators and administrators actively look for new technology and start piloting them. Have more realistic expectation of pilots and innovation, and be okay with it not working. It’s the learning that matters.

For the entrepreneurs, keep at it. We need innovation. We can be doing better and we need the talent, ideas and breakthroughs.”

How are you CREATING HOPE for the way we age?
“By investing and supporting innovation in this space. Mentoring entrepreneurs, encourage others to invest in this space, implore operators to think bigger.”

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