Episode 27: Industry Transform Through Collaboration with Doug Leidig, Asbury Communities

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“To start making a difference in this industry, it can’t be top down. We have to closely collaborate with the people closest to the process.”

Doug Leidig, President/CEO of Asbury Communities

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In this episode we spoke with Doug Leidig, President/CEO of Asbury Communities. Doug was a speaker at the Senior Living Transformation Summit 2020 by Kisaco Research, where forward-thinkers gathered and shared very real challenges, insights and experiences in disrupting the senior care market.

Watch or listen to:

  • Learn about Doug’s transformation leadership approach
  • Discover the massive focus on IT and data to drive innovation
  • Understand what they’ve learned about onboarding and turnover particularly in the first year of employment
  • Find out how they have shifted the strategic partnership conversation to a true collaboration
  • Learn why they bought a pharmacy and how it’s helping their business and quality of care
  • Hear why Walt Disney is someone he considers a Maverick (and it’s not because of the customer service for which Disney is known)

Doug is creating hope for the way we age by involving residents and staff in transforming the industry.

To be prepared for that ‘next consumer,’ we as an industry need to come together and start collaborating about ways to partner with each other.

Doug Leidig, President/CEO, Asbury Communities

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