Episode 20: Transforming Care Quality With Visual Medical Data At Your Fingertips

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“Imagine having an instant visual body map of the health issues related to your patient.

Now imagine being an individual and having access to that same information, and sharing as much or as little of it with any provider as you see fit. That kind of control puts you in the drivers seat of your own health.”

Kirstan Vandersluis, CEO, mCharts

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In this episode we spoke with Kirstan Vandersluis, CEO of mCharts. Kirstan is challenging the way medical records are managed, and is giving consumers control of their own information — in one platform. Having your own medical record puts you in a position to be proactive and ensure better care for yourself. Learn more at www.mavericksofseniorliving.com.

Watch or listen to:

  • Learn how you can have instant access to a visual body map of your health
  • Discover how to get and maintain your medical records so you have control
  • Find out how you’ll get higher quality of care with this data
  • Understand how it works, why it’s easy, and why this is the way of the future

“It’s your health.

It’s your medical information.

It’s your choice.”

Kirstan Vandersluis, CEO, mCharts


We’re all about challenging the status quo here at Maverick’s Headquarters! Welcome to the Challenging The Way We Age podcast by the Mavericks of Senior Living. We are two innovators and entrepreneurs who have huge hearts and passion for our older adults. And we see all kinds of opportunities to improve today’s system and create hope for the way we age. We tackle hard topics with the goal of creating conversation and generating curiosity and ingenuity to solve these problems.

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