Episode 19: Affordability, Staffing and Senior Living with Steve Moran

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“Everybody says they want to age at home. But what if you were stuck at home? And a stranger came in once or twice a day to prepare your food or give you a bath. And it’s not really affordable long-term. Is that really what you want?”

Steve Moran, Publisher, Senior Living Foresight

We’re all about challenging the status quo here at Maverick’s Headquarters! Welcome to the Challenging The Way We Age podcast by the Mavericks of Senior Living. We are two innovators and entrepreneurs who have huge hearts and passion for our older adults. And we see all kinds of opportunities to improve today’s system and create hope for the way we age. We tackle hard topics with the goal of creating conversation and generating curiosity and ingenuity to solve these problems.


In this episode we spoke with Steve Moran, Publisher at the Senior Living Foresight. Steve writes articles and blog posts that constantly challenge the way we think about senior care. Like us, he takes on tough topics and shares new insights and ideas.

“I know people in CCRCs who won’t tell people that they live there. John Cochrane used to tell a story of a CEO of a tech startup who turned down publicity because ‘if his investors found out he was living in a senior living community it would kill his business.'”

Steve Moran, Publisher, Senior Living Foresight

Watch or listen to:

  • Learn about purpose-driven care and whether it’s really valid for everyone
  • Discover who are some of the most ageist people in the industry
  • Find out why senior living makes it harder to “be the best me”
  • Understand the stigma behind living in a senior community


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