Episode 11: Challenging How We Attract Our Workforce with Dr. Amy Dore, Metro State University

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“We need to have courageous conversations and different conversations if we are going to attract new workforce to Aging Services. We need to understand that the wave of aging population doesn’t end with the Boomers, so our solutions need to work for the next 60 years.” 

Dr. Amy Dore, Program Director, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Welcome to Mavericks for Senior Living: Challenging The Way We Age. We are two innovators and entrepreneurs who have huge hearts and passion for our older adults. And we see all kinds of opportunities to improve today’s system and create hope for the way we age.

In this episode we challenging the way we attract a workforce to an industry that is on the cusp of a crisis.

Dr. Amy Dore, Program Director of Masters of Health Administration at Metropolitan State University of Denver, conducted research to determine student knowledge and interest in a career in Aging Services. She is also spearheading new educational programs, certificates and minors in Aging Services at MSU.

Watch or listen to:

  • Learn her surprising research results
  • Discover what some companies are doing to attract workforce
  • Hear how Dr. Dore succeeds at getting students interested in the industry
  • Uncover the enormous variety of job opportunities in Aging Services
  • Explore what can we be doing differently to attract a new workforce of all ages

This episode references this Washington Post article.


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