Episode 8: Challenging The Way We Treat Falls with Nathan Estrada, Nymbl

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“Every time an older adult is told they are a fall risk, they hear that they are broken. We must change this.”

“Mortality rate for falls in the U.S. have doubled, while millions of dollars have been poured into trying to prevent them. It’s the system that’s broken.” 

Nathan Estrada, Director of Clinical Operations, Nymbl Science

Welcome to Mavericks for Senior Living: Challenging The Way We Age. We are two innovators and entrepreneurs who have huge hearts and passion for our older adults. And we see all kinds of opportunities to improve today’s system for how we age.

In this episode, Nathan Estrada educates us on why the way we treat falls today is not working. We have doubled the mortality rate for falls – even with all the classes, physical therapy, and education. Hear Nathan talk about the psychology, the physiology and the way to “trick” the mind while you train the body.

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