BurstIQ Drives International Data Sharing And Research Collaboration Around COVID-19

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Health is an everyday, all-of-the-time thing. It is not just when you need to go to the doctor.

Frank Ricotta, CEO, BurstIQ

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The Mavericks talk with Frank Ricotta, the CEO of BurstIQ.

BurstIQ, a blockchain-enabled data solution company, works to bring healthcare collaborators together to consolidate data and data access – particularly around COVID-19 and other health issues. They pull together information and use it collaboratively to create solutions across the healthcare industry. 

Watch this episode to hear about:

  • The gaps around data and research surrounding COVID-19
  • How regulations around rounding doctors and research are changing due to COVID-19
  • How BurstIQ is helping the way we age and the way we store healthcare data
  • Solutions to consolidate data for better access
  • The ways we can engage crowd intelligence to accelerate problem solving and solutions
  • Some innovative ways to create international data and research sharing collaboratively
  • How privacy is protected through BurstIQ

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